What is SEO in the furniture and interior decoration industry

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julio 14, 2024
What is SEO in the furniture and interior decoration industry

In this article, addressed to those who are already implementing or planning to implement SEO (search engine optimization) strategies in the furniture and interior decoration industry, we present common features of e-commerce (EC) sites in this industry, keyword strategies, tactics and examples of measures. In our company, we have SEO consultants specialized in e-commerce sites who monitor and write this article based on their knowledge and experience in the furniture and interior decoration industry.

Increased online presence

In the furniture and interior decoration industry, improving online presence is essential to attract potential customers and effectively highlight the company’s brand and products. Properly implementing SEO strategies can improve ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs), thereby increasing web traffic.

Adapting to changes in consumer purchasing behavior

Recently, consumers often search online for information about products and services before making an in-store purchase. Providing relevant content related to search keywords through SEO can be a crucial touchpoint in the purchasing process. Many users research online before visiting the store to physically experience the product, such as testing the comfort of a bed or sofa. Moreover, with the possibility of shopping without visiting the store, the importance of e-commerce sites has increased.

Establishing an additional source of income

Increasing the visibility of your own site can allow you to build a second source of income independent of e-commerce platforms such as Amazon or Rakuten, which charge commissions on sales. Increasing sales through your own site can improve profitability.

Market Analysis: Characteristics of the Furniture and Interior Decoration Industry

Characteristics of the furniture industry

  • Trend towards an increase in the value of manufacturers’ shipments.
  • Increase in single-person households.
  • Increase in online sales.
  • Awareness about sustainability and the environment.

Competitor Analysis: Players in the Furniture and Interior Design Industry

The value of shipments in the furniture industry has been increasing year on year due to the demand for moving and office renovations following the COVID-19 pandemic. The rise in single-person households is also driving market growth, with high demand for furniture suitable for small spaces. Online sales have grown significantly due to the pandemic, with consumers preferring to compare and purchase products from home. Awareness about sustainability has led to an increase in the production of furniture using sustainable materials and eco-friendly manufacturing processes. Globalization has allowed for rapid adoption of foreign designs and trends in the domestic market.

Competitor Analysis: Players in the Furniture and Interior Design Industry

The role of SEO in the furniture and interior decoration industry varies between large companies and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Each uses its unique resources and strategies to succeed. Large companies leverage their brand strength and extensive product databases, while SMEs utilize their flexibility and specialization in local markets. Both need effective SEO strategies to maintain and improve their competitiveness.

SEO strategies of large companies in the furniture and interior decoration industry

Key Success Strategies (KSF) in SEO

  1. Number of products managed.
  2. Creating and managing product category pages with various search conditions.

Keyword Strategies

  • Product category (curtains, mattresses, etc.).
  • Product category x condition (blackout curtains, folding mattress, etc.).
  • Product name.
  • Product reference number.
  • Informational queries.

Tactics and measures

  • Internal content, internal techniques and external links.
  • Improving the quality of pages and adjusting them to user needs.

Common problems and solutions in the furniture and interior decoration industry


  1. Frequent change in the product line.
  2. High competition in the market.
  3. Limited variety of products compared to large companies.


  • Updating and properly managing product pages.
  • Focus on niche markets and long-tail keyword strategies.
  • Improve the quality of product pages through detailed descriptions, high-quality images, and user reviews.


In the furniture and interior design industry, SEO is a crucial tool to increase visibility and attract customers. Mark Desing Studio offers customized strategies based on each client’s unique characteristics, helping to improve their online presence and increase their sales.

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