How To Use The Google Keyword Tool

How To Use The Google Keyword Tool Featured Image - Marx Design Studio

Target the right SEO keywords and phrases

One of the most important parts of optimizing your website for search engines (SEO) is knowing what keywords and phrases to optimize. You need to determine what words and phrases potential customers are using to search for you (and your competitors!).

The Google keyword tool is an easy to use free resource for small businesses (or anyone!) looking to determine what keywords and phrases consumers are using to search for their particular products, services and expertise. It will generate keyword ideas based on descriptive words or phrases you enter or based on your website’s content. For each keyword phrase, it will show you:

  • Local Monthly Search Volume
  • Global Monthly Search Volume
  • Advertisers Competition – This is an indication of how much competition there is for a particular phrase in Google Adwords. The lower the competition, the lower the bid for a Google Ad ~ This doesn’t really affect determining your keyword phrases unless you are planning on bidding on AdWords, but still offers insight into how popular certain phrases are.

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