The effect of SEO is not just about appearing in the first places: we explain the time it takes to get results

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julio 14, 2024
The effect of SEO is not just about appearing in the first places

When carrying out marketing activities, everyone wants to consistently capture potential customers and expand their pipelines. Many may wonder how effective SEO is and whether it is worth implementing. This article explains the effects of SEO , the time it takes to show results, and presents some practical cases. If you are considering doing SEO in your company, we recommend reading it.

The effects of SEO

Sales increase

When a site appears at the top, it increases traffic from organic search. By increasing the number of clicks, you increase the chances of engaging users with your products or services, which can increase conversions.

Increased brand awareness

Implementing SEO and getting your website to appear at the top for various keywords increases your site’s recognition among users. A site that frequently appears at the top is perceived as an authority in its field, making it easier for users to consider it in their purchasing process.

The effect of SEO is not just about appearing in the first places

SEO takes between 6 and 12 months to show results

Period until the effects of SEO manifest themselves

SEO is not just about achieving good rankings. Although this can occur in a few days, obtaining great results can take between 6 and 12 months. This period is necessary due to search engine algorithms and the need for continuous improvements to the site.

Period for a page to be positioned after implementing SEO

Keywords and time

  • Main keywords : They are more difficult to position due to high competition.
  • Medium and long-range keywords : These are easier to rank for due to lower competition, and often lead to direct conversions.

Domain age and time

  • Old domains : They have an easier time ranking due to the amount of content and inbound links they have accumulated over time.

Indicators to measure the effects of SEO

Position in search results

The clearest indicator is the position in the search results. Being in the top 10 indicates that SEO is working.

Number of visits from organic searches

In addition to position, it is crucial that users click and visit the site. An increase in clicks from organic searches is a good indicator of SEO success.

Number of conversions

The goal of SEO is to increase conversions and, therefore, sales. An increase in conversions is the most important indicator that SEO is working.

Number of inbound links

Good SEO content tends to be cited and referenced by other sites, which increases the number of inbound links, another good indicator of SEO success.

SEO Case Studies

Increased traffic and conversions

For example, Shachihata Co., Ltd. was able to increase its traffic and conversions by ranking first for several keywords.

Significant increase in the number of sessions and conversions

Tokai Techno Co., Ltd. achieved a 399% increase in the number of sessions and a 195.7% increase in the number of conversions in one year.

Achieving monthly profitability in one year

Lohastyle Co., Ltd. became profitable on a monthly basis after one year of implementing SEO, proving that although SEO may take time to show results, these are sustainable and profitable in the long run.


SEO is a long-term strategy that can take 6-12 months to show significant results, but once it does, it can steadily contribute to increased sales and brand awareness. We hope this article helps you decide on implementing SEO in your company.

If you want to learn more about SEO or how to implement it, we invite you to explore our SEO articles on our learning page.

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