How to choose a media management agency that generates results

jhon haltor

julio 14, 2024
choose a media management agency

Many of you may feel challenged by the lack of know-how or resources within your company when operating owned media. As a solution to this issue, you can choose to outsource the operation of your owned media to a specialized company. In this article, I will introduce how to choose a media management agency operation support company based on my own experience in operating owned media. I hope this will be helpful for those who want to select a company that can deliver solid results.

How to Choose an Owned Media Operation Support Company? Key Points

Based on my past experiences in outsourcing owned media operation and my ongoing involvement in owned media operations, I believe the following four points are crucial when selecting an outsourcing company:

  1. Deep business understanding and strength in strategy
  2. Having achievements and case studies in industries similar to your own
  3. Expertise in SEO measures
  4. Fitting within your budget

Let’s go into detail for each point.

Deep Business Understanding and Strength in Strategy

First and foremost, it’s essential that the company deeply understands your business and is strong in owned media strategy. The most important thing when operating owned media is to achieve business results. Owned media should be operated to achieve business and corporate strategy goals. Even if your media ranks high for target keywords or sees an increase in traffic, it is meaningless if it does not lead to business results. Especially for those with little experience in owned media operation, the measures you think you want to outsource may not be optimal. Therefore, it’s recommended to choose a company that leads and thinks about owned media operation methods and measures to achieve business and corporate strategy goals, rather than just accepting your requests.

choose a media management agency

Having Achievements and Case Studies in Industries Similar to Your Own

When looking for an outsourcing company for owned media, it’s also important to check if they have achievements and case studies in industries similar to yours. A company with achievements and case studies in the same industry as yours understands the unique needs and trends of that industry and can propose effective strategies. Additionally, companies with extensive support achievements should have cases of both successful and unsuccessful measures. By receiving proposals based on specific data and case studies, it becomes easier to achieve results.

Expertise in SEO Measures

An indispensable source of traffic for owned media is organic search from search engines. To attract customers from search engines, you need to conduct SEO measures and optimize each page of your owned media to rank high on search engines. SEO measures can bring stable traffic if carried out continuously, and also have branding effects among other benefits. Therefore, in owned media operations, SEO measures are essential. When selecting an outsourcing company, check if they have expert knowledge in SEO measures. Key indicators include having extensive support achievements in SEO consulting and SEO measures services, and the company itself ranking high on search engines. Companies with extensive achievements often have case study pages, so it is recommended to check their official websites.

Fitting Within Your Budget

From the companies that meet the above criteria, select one that fits within your budget. The costs for outsourcing owned media operations vary widely, from building and strategizing the media to content creation. Since full outsourcing can be expensive, determine the scope of work and budget balance before deciding. Here are some cost estimates for reference:

  • Owned media construction and production: 1 million to several million yen
  • Strategy and consulting: 300,000 to 1 million yen per month
  • Content creation outsourcing: Tens of thousands to 100,000 yen per article (depending on industry and number of requests)

Company Selection Process

Based on the points introduced so far, follow these steps to select a company:

  1. Preparation: Clarify the scope you want to outsource
  2. List and contact potential companies
  3. Initial meeting and hearing
  4. Comparison and consideration
  5. Pre-contract confirmation

Preparation: Clarify the Scope You Want to Outsource

Preparation is key to smoothly selecting a company. Clarify the scope of work you want to outsource within owned media operations. The tasks that can be outsourced vary widely, including concept creation, strategy design, site creation, and content creation.

List and Contact Potential Companies

Based on the selection points, list and contact several potential companies. It is recommended to reach out to multiple companies to compare measures and costs.

Initial Meeting and Hearing

Hold initial meetings with the companies you contacted. Share information about the target owned media, operational goals, and site issues. Also, receive explanations about each company’s owned media operation support services.

Comparison and Consideration

Request proposals and estimates based on the hearing content and compare the companies. Choose a company that aligns with the points mentioned, such as deeply understanding your business and fitting within your budget.

Pre-Contract Confirmation

Before finalizing the contract, confirm the following points. If you are satisfied, proceed with the contract:

  • Plan details and costs, payment terms
  • Contract period and renewal months
  • Frequency of regular meetings and reporting contents
  • Support system in case of problems
  • Preparations required on your side (tool introduction, etc.)

Points to Note When Choosing an Owned Media Operation Support Company

Do not easily trust companies that claim «immediate results.» Especially for SEO measures, the ranking on search engines is determined by Google’s algorithm, which no one can manipulate. A reliable company understands this and would not make guaranteed results claims. Trust companies that provide honest information, including risks.

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